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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I need your help.

I'm kind of... tired of my profile picture. I'm happy with the whole thing but - Could you make one for me? Just comment me and I'll give you a link to the pic and... Yeah. I was also testing you the other day. You said I was a God Mod, so I've made tweaks. He can't control TREES and all that crap. Just regular rocks and stuff. And other things I've tweaked. :)

I'm baaaaaaaackkkk.

I'm- Uh.. Yeah. :)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Names, Names, Names

Okaaaaay. We all know that I need a name. Ink suggests asking Vlaedr, although I have no idea who he is... ANYWAY, the first name is going to be...

Felix. If you come up with a better name, I'll consider.

ALSO, in the comments section, could you tell me the link to the proper Derek post? And also, I have no last name for Felix... so... comment a last name.

Thank you.

Monday, 30 April 2012

No More Kai Oblivion


Well, I've got a simple answer.
I want to get the book PUBLISHED. I'm writing a NEW book, because if I WANT to get it PUBLISHED, I can't have people like Skulduggery and Val in it. SO, I'm writing a new book with a guy called Jasper Scourge. Now, this time, he's EVIL. And yes, if I must say so, *Cringes up nose* Ivy 'inspired' me. Don't get the wrong idea. I just thought 'Hey, in my short stories and books, the guy is ALWAYS good. So why not change?'

But I have a task for all of you. You can help think up a new name. But it CANNOT start with 'J'. Because 'J'ames 'J'uno and 'J'asper. I've had enough of 'J'.

So, leave the name in the comment section below.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kai Oblivion: Chapter Five

I don't have time to backspace the spaces between speech lines. Deal with it.


The Forgotten Ones

Kai Oblivion looked over at James Espionage.

“It’s been so long,” James said.

“I know. I’ve been itching to kick you in the face,” Kai said, smirking.

“So, how did you track me down?”

“It just might have something to do with the trail of murders you left behind.”



“Fair enough. But what would you say if I were to say I’m completely sane, and I just like killing?”

“I’d kick you in the face.”

“But you already kick me in the face.”

“I really, really don’t care. It’s fun to kick you in the face.”

“So are we going to fight?”

“Probably. I don’t track you down for no particular reason and then not try to hurt you. That’s... stupid.”

James launched himself at Kai, knocking him down. With a flash of moonlight, Kai brought out his dagger, moving to plunge it into James. James quickly pulled out his sai and brought it to block Kai’s attack. Kai cursed, kicked into James’ knee and jumped up. Kai brought out his katana from its scabbard, ready to swing wildly down at James. But then, just before...

“Don’t,” Juno Starlight said.

Kai stopped, staring at Juno. “J-Juno?”

“Yeah. What’s wrong...?”

“It’s just... I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“A while being five years?”

“Yeah. Pretty much.”

Juno had on boots, black trousers and a sleeveless undergarment which were all protective clothing. She had pale blue eyes and long blonde hair, carrying a small cutlass with her.

“So, why am I stopping again?”

“Because you don’t kill people.”

“I wasn’t actually going to kill him, considering he’s wearing protective clothing that could take a bullet.”

“That’s fair enough. So what was with the dagger?”

“I was waiting for him to wail like a coward.”

“I am not a coward,” James said. “Now can we stop playing around? I did get scared. Just a little bit.”

“Sure,” Kai said. He helped James up, shook his hand.

“We always do this act when we meet up.”

“Well, it’s good training, now isn’t it?”

“I suppose so. But I actually have wanted to kick you in the face.”

“Have you now?”

“Well, I still have that scar on my shoulder.”

“What about the new scar on your eye?”

“Ah. Tanith did that.”

“You got beat up by a girl?”

“No, I got beaten up by a raging Remnant trapped inside her body.”

“But was it a girl?”

“I’m not sure that Remnants have a specific gender.”

Juno just stared at them. “Shut up. Both of you. You talk way too much.”

Both James and Kai stared at her.

“So, why did you call us, Kai?”

“Because we used to be a...” Kai winced. “Team. And you’re the most qualified people I would suggest for a job like this.”

“Thanks?” James said. “So what’s the job?”

“Bangoshi. We need to put him into custody.”

“Where’s the enthusiasm? Shouldn’t it be ‘I will fight with all my might and bring this villainous evil to justice!’?”

Kai stared at James.

“Shut up. So, you think you guys can handle it?”

“Sure,” Juno said.

“Definitely,” James said. “But will Bangoshi be kicked?”

“Why do you always have to look forward to kicking people?”

“Well, Bangoshi is evil. I suppose that’s a contributing factor.”

A contributing factor?”

Juno glared. “Shut up. You talk way too much, like I said before. Kai, why don’t you pick Valkyrie and Skulduggery for this?”

“Because they recently saved the world from a very big death machine.”

“They always get the credit for saving the world. I’ve had my fair share of world-saves.”

“Fair enough.”

“So, where do we go?”

“We can start... with my reflection.”

“Your reflection?”

“Yeah. Someone tried to take him. Or he was following my reflection. Or...”

“Okay, we get it.”

“I’ll go to school instead of my reflection, okay? And then at the end of school which is three-fifty, you’ll meet up with me and we’ll find the shadowy guy with the upturned collar.”

“Okay,” James said.

“Okay...” Juno said.

James, Juno and Kai met up at the end of the day, after eight hours of long, tiring, boring learning which went on for what seemed to be forever to Kai. He hadn’t been to school for about forever. He came out, wearing jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt.

“I feel weird,” Kai said.

“Why?” James asked.

“Because I feel like someone is going to jump out from behind and stab me in the back.”

“Does this person want you more than he wants Juno and I?”

“I guess so.”

“Then that gives Juno and I more time to run away while he’s jabbing you in the back.”

“Oh. How comforting.”

“So, where do we go?” Juno asked.

“I suppose you just hide until he comes and then you’ll start punching him.”

“And kicking him?” James asked.

“Yes. And kicking him. Or her, for that matter, I don’t know.”

“It could be a she?” James asked.

“Well, yes. It’s unlikely, though. Do you have an issue with kicking girls?”

“No, actually, I don’t. Just curious.”

“Since when are you the kind to be anxious?” Juno asked.

“Ever since I lost my protective clothing,” Kai said.

“Makes sense.”

And then, something happened. This something would change the sorcerers’ world forever. This something was Jasper Scourge, who leaped marvellously down onto the concrete.

Juno and James had no idea who this was. But Kai knew who it was. And this person was hardly a person. He was a vampire – but no ordinary vampire. He was a part of Kai. Literally. Kai had an amazing will. And Kai, three years ago, had been bitten by none other than Dusk. But Kai’s will refused to become a raging monster with a bloodlust burning with desire. He simply refused, not knowing how he had done it. And then Kai had lost a part of his soul, as stupid as it sounded. And this piece of soul was Jasper Scourge.

“Juno and James? Oh, goodness, this sounds oh so silly, doesn’t it? Jasper Juno and James. All our names start with a J. That seems silly. But I’m here for you, Kai.”
“You work for Bangoshi, Jasper? I knew you were weak, but I never thought you’d get this low. So inferior and blunt as to work under someone,” Kai said smugly.
“Bangoshi gives me what I need. The resources. Soon enough I’ll overthrow him.”
“I think you got that from Star Wars. Now I’m going to make my best attempt to kill you with Juno and James.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me.”
“No weapons. This is going to be a fair fight.”
“Fair enough,” Kai said, gesturing to James and Juno to drop their weapons.

“Now, I am a person who doesn’t wish to be corrupted by power. If you win, you get this pouch,” he said, showing a brown felt bag, “ but if you lose, I open it. And in this pouch is none other than your everlasting, magic-giving . . . true name.”

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Okay, so, recently, I've started liking anime. I have no idea why, but really, I don't care. SO... In chapter five, two new characters are going to be revealed for Kai Oblivion. I thought I'd look for anime characters that suited the new characters, James Espionage and Juno Starlight. SO, here you go.

James Espionage

Juno Starlight