Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Names, Names, Names

Okaaaaay. We all know that I need a name. Ink suggests asking Vlaedr, although I have no idea who he is... ANYWAY, the first name is going to be...

Felix. If you come up with a better name, I'll consider.

ALSO, in the comments section, could you tell me the link to the proper Derek post? And also, I have no last name for Felix... so... comment a last name.

Thank you.


  1. this is where we are for the moment


  2. Felix Haven. *nods* That's all I've got.

  3. If this is a Skulduggery Pleasant type name - I honestly haven't been paying attention - then you're going to have to consider personality, etc. Also, whether the name ought to imply malevolence or benevolence. Some options are:
    Felix Lyght (Kind of hard to get your head around, but its basically a more 'arcane' looking spelling of Light.)
    Felix Regan (implies regality (is that a word?) and/or kinglyness.)
    These are random suggestions posted -probably- a long time after the need became apparent. I'm useful (useless) like that. *smiles blithely and walks away*