Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yeh, this is my story. I dunno if it's good or not, but... Yeah.


Pink Mist

Kai Oblivion stood, clad in black, wielding his twin daggers. A vampire stood in front of him, pure white, veins sticking out, pitch eyes and jagged teeth. It hissed snarled, attempting to rip Kai open. He jerked back, and flipped to the side. He gripped the daggers tighter now, his knuckles turning white. Lightning fast, the daggers were in his holsters either side of his black coat. He made a ball of light, throwing it at the vampire. It pushed it back, and the vampire staggered, hissed. It clawed at him, and the impact on Kai’s coat made him fall to the ground. He pushed himself under the vampire, and was now behind it. He stood up, and then, a flash, and the dagger was in the vampires back. It looked dazed as it turned around. It pulled the dagger out, and dropped it. Kai could see its veins turning bluish green, the poison that was in the dagger. The vampire shrieked, cheated out of its kill. And then, it exploded. Just exploded into pink mist, bits of it falling to the ground. Kai put his arm over his eyes as it exploded as the bits fell to the ground. He put his arm down by his side and sighed, exhausted. The head remained there. He kicked it in to the water.

“They always try to kill me,” Kai said tiredly. He sighed, and made his way back to his house.

Kai came out from behind the hedges, and opened a little door at the side of the house, which was supposed to be some sort of laundry chute. Kai had found out the door was connected to his room, and there was actually stairs in it for him to climb. That had been an addition Kai himself added. He went through the door, and crouched until he reached the stairs. He climbed them, and then, oh so slowly, lifted the trapdoor and checked the room. All he could see was his reflection there, playing on Kai’s iPod. Kai opened the trapdoor all the way, entered the room, closed the trapdoor and righted the carpet. He saw his reflection and tilted his head.
Do you like that game?” Kai asked, confused.
The reflection turned his head to face him. “I’m incapable of emotion,” the reflection said blankly.
Kai tended to treat his reflection like a real human. Kai had used the reflection for over ten years now, and it had begun to be independent. It had done things it shouldn’t have, like when it skipped school and went to the Sanctuary instead – and it started believing that it was actually Kai for a short period of time, and that’s when Kai got a new reflection. Like an exchange. The one he had now had been used for over two years. He gestured to the full-length mirror, and the reflection walked to it, and then walked in it. When he walked in it, the mirror rippled. Like a pebble being thrown into a pond.
And then, “Are you ready –”
“Yes, I’m ready to resume my life,” Kai said with a tint of rage. He tapped the mirror, and it rippled again. The memories spun around, finding their place, and residing next to his own memories. His reflection, known as Jason Lagron, had just waited around until the first class. Jason didn’t actually have any friends. Everyone called him things like ‘weirdo’ and ‘freak’ and other nasty words. Jason didn’t actually care. There had been science, then maths, then English, then Spanish class, which Kai didn’t care for, but his parents had put it up to him. And then when the reflection waited for the bus, a man with an upturned collar and a black fedora pulled over his brow reached for him, about to grab his arm, the reflection unknowing of the whole thing. And then the swarm of teenagers exploded out of the gates like bees escaping from a hive that’d been hit with a baseball bat. The man quickly disappeared into the shadows. And it wasn’t a walking behind the wall, he literally disappeared into the shadows. Kai shook his head, a smug smile on his face. The man didn’t know the reflection was a reflection. Which gave Kai the advantage. Kai walked to his cupboard, and picked out a black hoodie, and pyjama pants which had the football team Tigers logo on it. He walked downstairs, and saw his little brother, Tyson, playing with LEGO bricks, his dad reading the newspaper and his mother cooking dinner. He went to the kitchen, hugged his mum. “Hi, Jason,” she said, a little startled. She didn’t expect her seventeen-almost-eighteen son to hug her. He walked to the living room, and hugged his dad.

“Hey, Dad,” Kai said.

“Hi, buddy,” his dad said.

He looked over at Tyson, playing with LEGO, making little explosion sounds with his mouth and smashing the things he builded. Tyson refused to talk to anyone except for Kai, because he was autistic. He walked to Tyson and smiled. He hugged him, and Tyson looked up and giggled. “Hey, Ace,” Kai said. Tyson had blonde hair and green eyes. Kai gave him a little scruffle of his hair. “What are you building?” Kai asked.
Kai tilted his head, confused. “Pardon?”
Kai looked at what he was building, and realised what he was making. “Rocket ship?” Kai asked.
Tyson nodded. “Pocket.”
Kai searched in the big LEGO box and found fire, and added it to the back. “There, Tyson.”

“Dinner!” his mother called, and Kai smiled. He was hungry. Extremely hungry. He looked back at Tyson, and grabbed his face and made it face Kai, which was the only way to get Tyson to listen to you. “Din din,” Kai said, which was the trigger word to get Tyson to eat.

Spaghetti Bolognese was dinner, which Kai loves. He stuffed it in to his mouth, realising it had been a day since he had eaten, unless half a pack of Skittles for breakfast counted.

Kai finished his dinner, and so had everyone else. He stood up, and cleared everyone’s plates. He was holding one in each hand and one on each arm. The one on his right arm fell, and he threw the plate up in his right hand, grabbed the plate that was about to smash, rested it on his arm and caught the plate he threw into the air. Everyone was staring at him, even Tyson. He gave a nervous chuckle, and smiled. “Beginners luck...” he said.

Kai finished clearing the table, and then walked up to his room, and gave his head a little bang on the wall. “How could I be so stupid?” Kai asked. He had made the mistake of... well, quite frankly, it was technically using awesome reflexes. He called his best friend, Avena Tanks. She was there two minutes later. She had used the ‘laundry chute’ to get up, also.
“Hey, Kai,” Avena said.
Avena tilted her head. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” Kai said, a little defensive.
Avena frowned, and Kai sighed.
“Some guy is trying to get my reflection...” Kai said cautiously.
Avena looked sceptical. “What happened to the Kai that would grab them, ask them a few questions, and then cave their head in?”
Kai chuckled. “Still here,” he said. “But the guy is either stupid, or he’s very smart and he’s going to my reflection instead of me because the reflection knows some of the Sanctuary secrets.”
Avena nodded, but wasn’t looking at Kai, like she was in a trance.
“You don’t care, do you?” Kai said sternly.
“No... not really. Not because I don’t care for you, it’s just I think you’re overreacting, because I believe you can do this by yourself. You’ve proved that you’re a great detective and warrior when you beat up Sanguine in Ireland. And then Tanith. Although you didn’t actually beat Tanith up too much. Because you’re a softie,” she said and gave him a little punch – a friendly punch.
“I suppose so. Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow, then?”

“Yeah. You will,” she said, and jumped through the window, quickly flipping in to the hedges, running off.


  1. Love it Dylan! I want more! When? Please be soon!


  2. Cool story! I like the emotions you've got in there. That's why you read stories after all, for emotions. The bit with the plate was brill.

  3. I actually think you're a really good writer, Dylan.


    Now to chapter 2...