Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I Thought About What You Said, Nix. Ordinary to Extraordinary, so I'm Restarting.


Chapter One

The Sanctuary

Jason Trim walked in to the warehouse. He was age eleven, wearing sneakers, jeans and a blue T-shirt. He had left his house to go for a walk, with his parents’ consent. He continued walking in the warehouse, and looked at all the wooden toys around him. There was a toy horse, a toy donkey, a toy dog and a lot more things. All made of wood. He stopped walking, and looked at the roof to see a wooden group of dragonflies hanging from string from the roof.

“Dragonflies,” Jason said.

And then Jason turned around and saw a door. He frowned, unsure.

“I could swear that wasn’t there before...” he muttered.

He opened the door, walked in. He cringed his face, getting used to the unusually bright corridor. It was like a slim box, steep stairs going downwards. He walked down the stairs and opened the door at the bottom. And then he almost screamed. It was a very tall gray figure with a scythe strapped to its back, its face masked with a visor. A flash of silver, and they had their scythes in their hands. He was going to be turned into pieces. He screamed and screamed, and a tall man came in to the room. “Stop! Stop!” the man screeched to the gray figures. They stopped, and returned their scythes to their places. The man was very tall, wore black leather shoes, neat pants and a fancy coat, tie and white shirt.

Jason had stopped screaming. He looked at the man, who had come over to comfort him.

“Who are you, boy?” the man asked.
“J-Jason. Jason Trim,” Jason said, his voice cracking.
“I’m Marxio Spin. Nice to meet you.”
Jason faltered. “Marxio Spin? What kind of name is that?”
“You’ll understand very soon. You see these gray people?”
“They’re called Cleavers. Be very thankful that they’re on our side.”
“I’m relatively sure they tried to slice me up before...”
“Yes, well, you’re okay now, aren’t you?”
“I... I suppose.”

“Well, then, we shall not panic. Now I’m going to give you a book that you need to read. You need to hide this book, and show no one its contents, or tell anyone about these Cleavers or what you saw. Okay? You need to read all of this book and you also need to come back here the same time tomorrow.”
Jason nodded vigorously.

Jason came home, smiled at familiar surroundings.
“Mum, I’m home!” he called out.
“Okay, honey, we’re having rissoles for dinner,” she replied.
Jason ran upstairs, holding the book in his hands. He opened it, and started reading.

Magic it said.


  1. It's very interesting Jasper. I want to know more. Keep it up! It's good. :)

  2. Interesting . . . That must have been a bit of a shock for Jason, musn't it?

  3. See. That's so much more engaging. I love it.
    I'll give you an A for that