Saturday, 17 March 2012

Here You Go, Rabid Readers


Losers, Winners And The People In Between

Kai stared at the light in the middle of his room. It was just floating there. He passed his hand through it, no warmer than bathwater. He had created it, during his nightmare. And, out of all people, his nightmares were absolutely horrible. They were worse than what had happened in the reality of Kai’s life, and that was bad enough. He aimed his hand at the ball.

Dark.  Kai thought, and the ball of light disappeared. He got up out of bed and put his feet on the floor, sighed. He couldn’t sleep. He got up, and tapped the mirror, and his reflection walked out.

“Yes?” The reflection asked.
“I need you to take my place,” Kai said wearily.
The reflection looked confused. “Sleep? I don’t think I’m capable of that.”
“Do you mind just lying in bed with your eyes open all night, then?”
The reflection faltered. And then... “I will try my best to sleep.”
“Good,” Kai said, and then opened his cupboard. He leaned down to the trunk, grabbed the key that was in a small compartment in the cupboard, put it in the keyhole in the trunk, twisted, and opened it. He grabbed his black clothes, and then shut the trunk again. He went to the bathroom, undressed, and put on his black clothes. He put on the black undergarment, closed up the silver clasps. Then, he put on his long coat, but didn’t close it up. He put on his tight trousers, and then put on his boots with the identical silver vines on them. He walked out of the bathroom, and told his reflection to put on the pyjamas. Kai walked to the window, opened it, climbed out, hung on to the window sill, and dropped. He landed in a crouch, and then righted himself. He walked in to the bushes, and sighed. The moon cast illuminating shadows on the floor, the breeze making the trees dance.

Kai looked at the old warehouse, its fa├žade fading after many years without a new paint job. He pulled out a key, with a curly top and a small red ribbon tied to it. He unlocked the door, and then put the key in the pocket on the inside of his coat. He walked through the door, closing it behind him. It was a narrow room, lino on the floor, with steep stairs and a door to the right. Kai walked up the stairs, but didn’t engage the door to the right. He faced the left, and then placed his hand on the wall.
He had forgotten the password. Again. He thought of the movie, Harry Potter.
He put his hand on the wall, and said, “Lemon sherbet!”
“Well, it was worth a try...” he muttered. He put his fingers on his temples and rubbed. Think, Kai thought, think. And then, suddenly, he remembered it.
“Dragonflies,” Kai said. And then a door faded into view. He smiled, satisfied, and then walked through the door. Kai gasped, shook his head.
“No,” he breathed.

Blood was splattered on a wall, and a Cleaver with a hole through its head slumped underneath the blood splatter. Another down the stairs, one of its arms torn off. Kai jumped down all the stairs, pushed off the wall before he smacked into it. He twirled, and there were Cleavers dead everywhere. One of them decapitated, some with windpipes torn out. Kai shook his head. This was wrong. What or who did this? Kai saw a dead vampire, both its legs torn off. But it wasn’t only vampires. Vampires didn’t wield guns. And then he saw an arm, singed, but Kai could tell it was from a zombie. Even zombies didn’t wield guns. That means Bangoshi Trank had been through here, with him and his group. He walked and then he saw a man, attempting to look gothic. He wore black jeans, a black T-shirt, white makeup, and bottle-black hair. Kai just stared at him, noting how pathetic he looked. And then he started shrieking. Kai cringed his face, annoyed.

“Shut up,” Kai said.
The pathetic excuse for a gothic stopped shrieking. And then he looked at Kai.
“What did you say? What did you just say to me!
Kai smiled like he was the gothic’s friend. “I said shut up. Is there an issue with that?”
Do you know who I am!” the gothic screeched.
“No, not really,” Kai said, a little confused.
“I am the almighty Sarci Vakish!” the gothic shouted, a little overenthusiastic.
“I’ve... never heard of you. And I’ve read everyone’s file. At least the people who are important...”
Did you just say I’m not important?!” Sarci screamed.
“No, I said-”
“You did! You said I’m not important!”
“Hey. No. Calm down, you, I didn’t say that I just... haven’t – look, Sarci, there are just people who are more important than you.”
“I am highly important!” Sarci shouted.

And then Sarci ran at Kai. He put his head forward, and his arms back, and he looked like he was about to charge at Kai like a rhino. And he did. He ran forward, and Kai casually moved to the side, and Sarci smashed into the wall, he crumpled up.
“...Ow...” he murmured.

Kai pulled out his handcuffs and put them on Sarci. He squirmed, screeching how important and powerful he was, and then Kai pulled out his gun, and that persuaded Sarci. He stopped screeching, and then Kai put the gun away.

Kai then took off Sarci’s chain belt, and tied Sarci’s handcuffs to a pipe. Then Kai walked through the white corridors, except for the parts splattered with blood. He spun, seeing a small trail of shadow that quickly passed, and Kai ran at the Necromancer.


  1. I like it. Keep going... Or face the consequences...

  2. Is this the story that has me in it? Or another one of yours that doesn't?

    BTW, It's still really good! :)

  3. Yep, thanks. I've gotta have dinner, but I'll be back soon, and typing chap three. Sorry about the thing where chap one is at the bottom, coz I'm new...ish. Vaguely.

    This much -Makes small square with finger and thumb-

    1. I got to go to bed now Dylan. Be back tomorrow! I'll look in then to see if you got the post up yet. Night!