Saturday, 17 March 2012

Here. I know you've been waiting!


Thrill Of The Chase

Kai gave chase to the Necromancer. She was nimble, and very fast. She had a whip, coiled and attached to her belt and a trail of shadows lead behind it. She spun, throwing her cloak at Kai to create a diversion. A flash in the corridors, and he tore the cloak open with his two daggers. He yelled, and ran at the Necromancer. She took out her whip, cracking it and a line of sharp shadows flew at Kai. He spun, dodging, and slid under the Necromancer. He punched her, and her head cracked back. He kicked her in the back, and she fell down. Unbelievably fast, she spun, got on her feet, cracking the whip, and walked through the shadows, disappearing. Kai wiped blood from a scratch he didn’t know he had, exhausted. He continued walking, until he met the office of the Grand Mage. A glass desk, and a quill with a chandelier at the top of the room. There was a leather chair behind the glass desk, and looked awfully comfortable. Kai walked over, seeing a note. He opened it, and read.

I’m sure whoever is reading this note is either very angry, sad, or just lost. Good for you. If you want your Grand Mage back, you’ll give us what we want. You have a Soul Catcher. And you will give it to us, or we will kill your Grand Mage. And it will be slow, don’t you doubt that. Oh, and tell Sarci that we’re sorry for leaving him behind – actually, no, we’re not sorry.

Bangoshi Szlysack

Kai breathed heavily, and cursed under his breath. He would have to go to Ireland. He always enjoyed going to Ireland. It rained there, day and night. Even in summer. He was to go to the Sanctuary in Ireland. Yes, that was a good idea, he ensured himself. He walked back the way he came, found Sarci upside down with his hands touching his feet, all the blood going to his face.
“Very effective way of escaping,” Kai said smugly.
“Shut up,” Sarci screeched. “Shut up!

Kai arrived at Ireland on Friday, on a very long plane trip. He flied coach, even though he had quite a lot of money, but saw no real reason to spend more money for a more expensive class. The issue was, he sat next to a man who always snored. Always. Even when he was awake, he was snorting and making annoying noises. Kai had a scowl on his face the whole time, unable to get some sleep. And the worst of it was, Sarci kept complaining on the trip. As soon as they got to Haggard, Kai had left him with the handcuffs attached to a large metal pipe.

Kai looked at the Sanctuary in Roarhaven, two houses away from Bespoke Tailors. He walked in through the back, going down the steep stairs, opening the door. He was startled to see two Cleavers straightaway and Tipstaff, the Administrator, a rather grumpy man. He wore square gold rimmed glasses, white hair and a few days worth of beard growth. He had droop lines on his forehead, and mouth. Kai couldn’t imagine what Tipstaff would look like if he actually smiled.

Tipstaff lead him to a chair, and told him to wait there. Kai looked over, and saw a girl to be about the age of eighteen, and an awkwardly slim man. Kai could tell who they were off the bat. The pretty girl, was Valkyrie Cain. Her name travelled far, and she had the knack for raising the ire of people. The man next to her, the one missing a face, Skulduggery Pleasant. The legend, the man who had died and come back to life. About twenty minutes later, Erskine Ravel came out, and gestured them inside.

“Kai. I’ve read your file,” Erskine said proudly.
Kai stifled a chuckle. “Everyone’s read my file. It’s actually a bit annoying, since everyone assumes they know everything about me.”
Erskine nodded, and Valkyrie looked over at him, giving him a cute smile.
The slim man spoke, and his voice sounded seductive. Warm. Safe. “We’ve heard of your situation, Kai.”
Kai quickly turned his head to Skulduggery. “How do you know?”
“Bangoshi sent one of his spies here. Not a spy so much as an Elemental who kept lighting himself on fire... But the ‘spy’ had the note. One directly to us.”
“We can’t give them a Soul Catcher.”
“Why not?” Skulduggery asked.
Everyone in the room looked at him.
Why not?” Erskine said severely.
Skulduggery gave a little chuckle. “You’re cheeky, Erskine. I said that!”
Valkyrie’s shoulders shook in laughter, and Kai tried his best to hold his grin back.
“All the Remnants are locked away. It’s not like they can use it for anything,” Skulduggery said happily.
Kai spoke up. “Actually, our Sanctuary has a... secret Soul Catcher. It’s only ever been used twice, and it has the ability to take the soul of a real person, trapping them, and it can either be released back into their original body, or another dead body. Or it could be released into the air... which is cruel.”

Skulduggery cocked his head at an angle. He took off his hat, wiping the brim, although Kai couldn’t see anything on it.
“You need Grand Mage Kharus, yes?” Erskine asked.
“Yes, we do,” Kai said quickly.
“Too bad we don’t actually have any source of information to find them,” Valkyrie said.

Kai grinned. “Actually, I have a person. He’s rather odd, though, has no sense of dress taste, and uses fighting stances that aren’t really fighting stances. And he can’t escape a building.”
“I don’t get along well with people with bad dress taste...” Skulduggery muttered.
“Well, then, where is this odd person?” Erskine asked.
“He’s attached to a pipe,” Kai said.
“Scapegrace has escaped when I attached him to a pipe,” Skulduggery said.
“Yes, well, this odd person is... well, quite frankly, very stupid,” Kai said, smiling.

Erskine waved to them as they left, and Valkyrie looked at Kai. “Well, we have some interrogating to do,” Valkyrie said.


  1. Well... Once again i have to say you think a alot of yourself
    But i can't say it's bad writting. I give you a B

  2. ...I want to give you an A, but I think Nix is just a bit right, so I score you with an A-... No hard feelings I hope. The story's still REALLY good. That's why I'm not giving you a B+. A- is better. Still an A. :)

  3. I want to see the character develop. I don't want to read about someone who's as good as you say Kai is, i want to see him go for ordinary to extraordinary

  4. Nixion, you'll see. Trust me. Help with chap four!

  5. Yeah, B is a bit harsh but I don't think it's ready for an A so I give you a B+. And can I just say that Sarci is an idiot - I hope he's in the rest, he's funny.